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I show you how to buy a domain name and give you additional tips

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#1 How To Buy a Domain Name:
Why Buy a Domain Name?

No matter if you need a domain name for your business or personal approach. There are good reasons to own a domain name:

  • If you have your own business, a domain name is essential.
    It represents your business and is the first visibility in front of potential customers. No one will do business with someone that uses one of the many free (but long and ugly) domain names out there. Your own domain name gives you a lot of credibility.
  • For business approach, a domain name is your brand.
    Your visitor will remember the name and return to your site. If you get a fine-sounding domain name, people will also tell other people about your site – think of word-of-mouth marketing.
  • A sponsor for your website.
    A domain name is usually very helpful, if you want good sponsors or advertisers for your website. Again, it gives you credibility and respectibility. No matter if you use the domain name for business or as personal website.
  • It doesn’t cost that much! It’s not like buying a house or new big car. If you save up one Starbucks coffee a month, your in! So there is almost no financial risk to do this. And don’t forget, in the future, a good domain name can become a valuable asset.

#2 How To Buy a Domain Name:
Tips on Choosing a Domain Name

You already have an idea for your domain name?

Thats good! Check if your name is available for registration here:

Is your choosen domain name still available? Awesome! But now stop here.

Before we do any further steps. Let’s see if your domain name is really a “good” one.

Check this important factors before registering your domain name.

  • Better pick a shorter than a longer domain name.
    The shorter your name, the more memorable it will be. Think of “” or “”.
  • Choose a fine-sounding and easy to speak domain name.
    Just to get some ideas, here are some examples: If your site is about “food” than choose something like “”. Or is your site about “repairs”? Then “” sounds quite catchy. You got the idea!
  • The domain name should be easy to read and write.
    The more easier to read and write your domain name is, the more people will remember it.
  • Topic related domain name.
    It’s a good idea if your domain name is related to your business or personal site content. (see again the above domain name examples)
  • Try to pick a unique name.
    It should represents your brand name, products or topic your website is about.
  • Don’t use hyphens in your domain name.
    People usually just forget to type those hyphens and cannot reach your website.
  • Exception: When to use hyphens.
    Sorry for the confusion. But there a also conditions where it makes sense to use hyphens. Just like my site In this case, it is simply better to read. Another example: The website “” should have use hyphens. Or did you guess that this site is actually named “Speed of Art”? Well… there are exceptions that makes sense.
  • Avoid numbers and digits.
    It distracts people if you use (random) numbers in your domain name. Like the last two digits of the
    founding year. Example: “”. No one will remember since when (1998) you started your business.

In this video below you find some advanced tips on choosing your name domain. (presented by Rand Fishkin from

Watch it here:

So, are you satisfied with your domain name choice? 

Good! In the end, that’s most important.

And your domain is also available?

Alright. Let’s take action!

3# How To Buy a Domain Name:
The Step-by-Step Guide

Now i’m showing you step-by-step how to buy a domain name.

First, you need to know that a solely domain name is not enough. You also need someone who is hosting your website, where your domain name is pointing to.

It is possible just to buy a domain name. But without a webhoster there will be no reachable website. When you type in your domain “” in your favorite web-browser – nothing will happen. An error appears that your website could not be loaded.

But that is no big deal.

We can kill two birds with one stone. And with the described way the whole process is going to be even much easier.

I recommend for hosting and registering your domain name.

Bluehost provides a great support and offers a solid and fast webhosting service since years. In addition to that, it is also one of the cheapest web service providers.

  1. Go to (<<< click here)
  2. On their homepage click on “get started now”.
  3. As the next step you have to select a hosting plan. I recommend the “basic” plan. In the beginning, the service of the “basic” plan is enough for most starters. It is just important to have “unmetered” bandwidth. So your website and domain is always reachable with no extra costs. (if nessesary, you have always the option to upgrade your plan later!)
    How to Buy a Domain Name - Step 3 - choosing a suitable webosting plan
  4. Now comes the exciting part: Enter your new domain name. Choose one the available domain endings .com, .net or .org (or which one you like)
    How to Buy a Domain Name - Step 4 - choosing your free domain name
  5. Next you have to fill in your account information. This step is kind of self explaining.
    How to Buy a Domain Name - Step 5 - fill out your personal information
  6. In the next section you need to choose what your account plan should contain. Here it comes to the price, so let’s deep dive into this section.
    The longer your account should last, the more savings you can achieve. So, when you choose 3 years / 36 months you will get the most discount. Honestly, as a beginner, i recommend you to choose 1 year / 12 months. But when you want to stick with your domain name, than of course, a 2 or 3 year plan will a lot of cheaper in the end. It’s up to you!
    How to Buy a Domain Name - Step 6 - the account plan duration - the longer, the more discount
    Leave the options “Domain Privacy Protection” and “Site Backup Pro” checked. Both are very useful as they protect your data.
    How to Buy a Domain Name - Step 6 - keep the protection options (domain privacy protection and site backup pro)
    The need of the “SiteLock Security – Find” option depends on, how you use your website. Do you want to use the domain name for your business and online-shop? Then you are good to go. Otherwise, when your site is for personal usage only, than it’s like take a sledgehammer to crack a nut – uncheck this option.
    How to Buy a Domain Name - Step 6 - SiteLock Security Option is not always necessary
  7. Last but not least, fill in your credit card information in the last section.
    How to Buy a Domain Name - Step 7 - fill out your payment information
  8. And finally click on the “submit” button.

Congratulations – You just successfully bought a domain name including reliable web hosting service.

Wasn’t that hard, right? Bluehost will now setup your account. And in a few days your domain name is “online” and ready-to-go.

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